In March of 2020, a two-week shutdown is ordered across the country after a virus strikes the nation. Ten college friends decide to quarantine under the same roof. To pass the time, they play a parlor game that makes one of them a killer and the others, the community. But what happens when the game becomes real?

What they thought would be a two-week vacation turns into a two-month prison term as the quarantine is extended and they are forced to stay in the house after one of them contracts the virus. Friends turn into foes, secrets are revealed, and a mysterious masked slasher turns their pastime into his/her own murderous entertainment. 

Will anyone survive this game of Killer?


With production now complete, the KILLER team is seeking to raise funds for the movie's Post-Production which includes editing, sound mixing, special effects, and color grading. You can help by supporting our  endeavor with a financial donation. To give to our post-production effort, click HERE.

But don't fret - you won't have to wait long to watch the movie. Although negotiations with distributors is currently in progress, KILLER is planning for an early-spring 2022 release.